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Massage Therapists

Chrystal Johnston - Registered Massage Therapist

Chrystal started working as a student massage therapist at the clinic in June of 2018 and has continued massaging as a Registered Massage Therapist since graduating from MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy on June 15, 2019.

She has lived in Edson for the past 11 years, is a mother to four beautiful kids (3 boys and 1 girl) and wife to Dr. Johnston. She is an assistant coach for the Edson Orcas swim club and she enjoys spending time outside, hiking, camping, playing sports and spending time with her family and dog Ellie.

She worked in physiotherapy as a physiotherapy assistant before deciding to persue massage therapy. She has experience working with a variety of clientele and orthopaedic conditions, providing both therapeutic, deep and relaxation massages. She uses a variety of techniques including myofascial techniques, joint play, manual lymphatic drainage for acute injuries, intraoral massage (TMJD) and much more. She provides pregnancy massage as well.

Chrystal continues furthering her education by taking courses on different techniques. Her most recent course she has taken is RAPID Neurofascial Reset (NFR), which she is now certified in upper and lower body RAPID NFR.

Shae Jonasson - Registered Massage Therapist

Shae has been part of the Active Health Chiropractic and Wellness Centre team since January of 2019.

She graduated from her advanced 3000 hour program at Makami College in October 2018.

She provides a variety of services including deep tissue, pregnancy and therapeutic and she loves using a variety of techniques to help her patients to the best of her abilities.

Shae was also born and raised in Edson!

She loves riding horses, working out, camping and hiking. During winter she also enjoys playing hockey and snowboarding.

Megan Cummings - Student Massage Therapist

Megan has just started her second year as a massage therapy student. She is currently attending Alberta College of Massage Therapy. She joined our team in January of 2020 while she was finishing up her first year of schooling. She will be doing her placement at our clinic which means she will be providing massages at a student massage therapy rate starting January until she graduates.

We are so excited to have her on board the Active Health Chiropractic team!

Megan did spend some of her teen years in Edson before moving to Edmonton, but eventually moved back here in 2016. She decided to pursue a career as a massage therapist because of her fascination in the human body and how it can heal itself.

Also, after suffering a back injury herself, she found that only chiropractic and massage helped her, so the choice was easy for her.

Megan hopes to expand her education even more following graduation. When she is not studying she enjoys being home with her family.


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